Torrington Little League Softball

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  1. What Draft Plan is used for TLLS? Do kids stay on the same team for their entire career?

    • TLLS used Alternate Plan B Draft.

      • Total redraft – each season the teams at all levels, including majors, are dissolved.

      • All players eligible for the draft are in the draft pool for that particular division.

      • Managers may pick any player at any time with the following exceptions

        • All LA12s will be drafted

        • All returning Majors players will be drafted.

        • Minimum of 12 to a max of 15 players per team unless a waiver has been requested and approved by LL.

  2. How are the numbers of teams determined for each level?

    • By LL rule there may be a maximum of 8 LA 12 players on any 1 Majors team. For example a league with 8 or less LA12’s may only have 1 major team.Or a league with 10 will be required by rule to field 2 major division teams.

    • Decision on number of teams rest with the Board on how to best allocate the talent across all teams and all divisions.

    • Team formation starts with the top levels and works down to balance talent and number of players per team.

  3. Who is eligible for the Majors draft?

    • All players LA10-LA12 are eligible for the Majors draft.

    • All player LA12 must be drafted to a Majors team as per LL regulations.

    • All players that played Majors in prior years must be drafted to majors as per LL regulations.

  4. What if we don’t want our LA10 or 11 player to play in majors?

    • Players LA10 or LA11 may opt out of the draft with approval of the Board.Would only be denied if playing in Minors would be a safety risk to the other players.

  5. Who is eligible for the AAA draft?

    • All players LA8-LA11 are eligible for the AAA Draft.

    • LA8 players may opt out of the draft by parent request.

    • All LA11 players not drafted to majors will be drafted to AAA.

    • All players that played AAA in past will be drafted to AAA or Majors.

  6. What if we miss assessments?

    • Returning players will be eligible for the draft (major or minor) with prior year assessment information provided to the managers.

    • New Players should make every effort to attend assessments.If necessary the Player Agent will make recommendations based on known skills and discussions with parents.Players will be placed at the most age appropriate level for the specific player. For LA8-LA10 that may be AA particularly if they are new to TLLS.

  7. What if our daughter performs poorly at assessments?

    • All players have good days and bad days, managers do not have to rely solely on assessment scores to draft players. Past history, attitude and overall softball potential play a large part in the draft process. Player may score poorly but a particular manager may see something that they like and want to work with that player to improve.

    • The Player Agent and President will make recommendations to all managers on minimum assessment / skill levels for the respective divisions. It’s up to the managers.

  8. Why didn’t my 12 year old daughter in 6th Grade get drafted to majors?

    • LL Division structure is based on League Ages not Grade Level. Softball League Age is calculated by the player’s age on December 31st of the previous year.

      • 6th Grade girl that turned 12 in February of 2016 is considered LA 11 for all of 2016.

      • 5th Grade girl that turned 11 in December of 2015 is considered LA 11 for all of 2016.

    • TLLS follows the structure detailed below:

      • Majors (Few LA10s, Most LA11s, and all LA12s)

      • AAA (Few LA 8s, Most LA 9/10s and some LA11s)

      • AA (Most LA7 and LA8, Some LA9s and Few LA10s)

    • Draft choices are up to the individual managers.PA can make recommendation but it’s up to the managers to decide on players.

  9. Can we request a specific manager?

    • Request made for specific managers will not be honored.

  10. Can players be traded?

    • Yes – players may be traded either before leaving the draft room or up to 2 weeks after the start of the season.  The Player Agent must approve all trades at the draft.  Trades after the start of the season must be approved by the Player Agent and the Board. 

  11. Susie wants to be on the same team as Jane, how can we make that happen?

    • Requests for players to be drafted as a pairs will not be honored. Only 2 players’ options are allowed per LL rules.  Managers may always draft their children and siblings eligible for the same division will be drafted to the same team.

  12. Bill has been appointed and approved as a Major team Manager.  Don is an approved coach and wants to coach on Bill’s team.  Can coaches/managers decide to work together prior to the draft?

    • No per LL regulations coaches are not set until after the draft is complete.

    • If Bill wants Don to be his coach he would need to draft Don’s daughter.  She would not be a “protected” player under any of the draft options.

  13. Can all the managers/coaches make gentleman’s agreements?

    • Any agreements made by managers/coaches outside the draft are not enforceable and are not encouraged.

  14. Sally is LA11 is new to Softball and is playing AAA. Will she be eligible for 11/12 District play?

    • No – Per LL regulation on tournament play only players that played at the Little League (majors) division and meet the eligibility requirements of playing 60% of her scheduled games are eligible to be selected and play on the 11/12 tournament team.

  15. Betty is an experienced LA10 and assessed at the top of the LA10 age group.  She opted into the Major draft and was selected to a major team.  Can she play on the 9/10 tournament team?

    • Yes – Per LL regulation on tournament play all players that play 60% of their scheduled games on a Little League (majors) or minors (AAA or AA) team and are age appropriate may be eligible for selection to a 9/10 tournament team.

    • Any LA10 that plays Majors is not guaranteed a spot on the 9/10 tourney team but shall be considered.

  16. What about Betty’s LA8 sister Jenny?  She’s playing AAA Minors can she play Minors Tourney Team?

    • Yes – 8, 9, 10 tournament teams will be open to LA8 players.  It is now an (8) 9/10 tournament team open to all players LA8, 9 or 10 that played LL (majors) or Minors, and played 60% of scheduled games.