Torrington Little League Softball

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Wondering what equipment your daughter will need this year for Little League?


Torrington Little League Softball provides each player with a TLLS practice T-shirt and a league issued numbered game jersey.  Girls will keep their practice T-shirt however the jerseys must be returned to the team manager at the last game of the season.  You will need to provide softball socks and pants/belt to match the jersey.  

This will serve as your child's game uniform, so we strongly recommend that you do not purchase these items until your coach tells you which colors you will need to buy.  In addition, your child will be required to wear cleats.  The cleats can be any color, as long as they are rubber on the bottom (metal spikes are not permitted).  

Your child is required to bring their own glove, batting helmet, face mask and a water bottle to all games/practices.    Most players also bring their own bat and bat bag, but these items are optional.  

Catching equipment will be provided by TLLS however some girls bring their own once they have committed to the position.